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Winery Dojmi you cannot miss if you're crusing southern side of Island Vis. With its impressive stone tower on the rolling hill off the beaten path it is worth checking out if only for the view. The long driveway feels like it takes you through a half mile of grape vines before you actually see the building. Dojmi is a beautiful charming winery that is a "must visit" destination spot for wine enthusiast looking to combine a wonderful tasting experience with a stroll through acres of beautiful mediterranean gardens and olive trees, and to experience something unique. It is known for producing two top quality wines - white Vugava (island’s most renowned autochthonous sort) and red Plavac which you can enjoy or buy. You should call ahead for an appointment.  On Island Vis, wine making is a centuries old tradition, roughly around 2000 years. At that time, the area of Vis was actually known as Issa. It is beleived that the famous Vugava grapes were brought to the Dalmatian Coast by the Roman army or have been cultivated by the ancient Greek colonists . The grape produces extremely alcoholic wines (typically around the 14% mark), that is defined by pronounced flavours reminiscent of cider, lemon-gold colour and occasional floral notes. Vugava has a slight honey flavor which is particularly sumptuous, and that is the reason why it is often said it is more eaten than drunk.  Plavac Mali – about which the Greek chronicler, Agarthid from Knid, wrote in 300 BD that “compared to all others, it is the best wine” – is another autochthonous sort that thrives on Vis, particularly in the Island’s sandy eastern terrain.  Winery Dojmi is known for: Vugava, Plavac Mali 

Not good for: 
· Busses
· Not a place for group picnics

Particularly good if you are seeking: 
· Top quality local wine
· Beautiful views while you sip a nice Vugava or Plavac
· Organic wine
· Tours available by appointment
· A place to host an elegant or professional event such as a wedding reception or a corporate function
· Beautiful architecture or landscaping 

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